Project Goal
From a CX perspective, rethink the holistic check-in process for vendors using the mobile app.
The purpose is to identify a workflow to set up and use an symplr Badge to check in to a health care facility. The workflow will involve connecting a user's personal device to a symplr Badge and transferring appointment information from the symplr mobile app to the symplr badge prior to check in. Contactless compliance when you're checking into a facility with a symplr badge.
The Problem
Check-in at the kiosk takes time. If a vendor rep is stuck in a line of visitors, there is a good chance they will be late for their meetings. If the kiosk is down or the badge printer is out of service, facility enforcement becomes a challenge for the staff. 
The Solution
Our wearable symplr Badge makes check-in fast and contactless. Because it works with the symplr mobile app and check-in does not require a kiosk, it reduces the risk of surface contamination.It also visually displays the user’s trusted status while they are on the premises.
symplr Badge! displays your trusted status and saves you time
symplr Badge gives you a fast entry into healthcare facilities and takes your check-in experience to a new level.
1. You are checked in and cleared to enter upon arrival when you use the symplr badge to visit a facility
2. Your visitor information is displayed on the symplr Badge during your time-on-site
3. With fast and contactless check-in, you get more time back to do your job
Figma hi-fi design how symplr badge flow, to show how 1st time pairing will work.
once you paired the symplr badge hardware with symplr App then next step how you will sync your check-in info from app to badge.
Design Resources 
Primary Design for UX and UI: Richa Srivastava (Me)
Product Manager: Sonali Zutchi
Consulting Research: Judy Summersgill 
Tools: Figma, Miro, Paper and pencil
Dev Resources 
Team Tychon (Tanmoy Chakraborty) for the foreseeable future
Develop wireframes and designs for a minimum viable (pilot) product that allows users to sync the e-badge with the symplr Access mobile phone app (iOS & Android).

Wireframes/Prototypes/designs need to be handed off to engineers to develop. Mobile functionality needs to be tested with the symplr Badge in a hospital environment.

User Flow
User Testing
Evaluate a workflow for connecting a user's mobile device to symplr badge using the Access mobile app. Measure task success and terminology comprehension.
Key Refinement: symplr Badge Dashboard
Once badge and mobile pairing are done, users can go to the home page or facility check-in. Providing more verbiage on the page helped user to understand their device is ready to use and they can go into the facility.
Key Refinement: Contactless check-in
Help user to check in through symplr app and go in the hospital without waiting in front desk check in line.
With the help of comprehensive set of colors, we made app more clean and organized. 

Key Refinement: Sync Engagement

By eliminating too many CTAs in one card, we are guiding users on what to do next. By providing balance weight and contrast by identifying which is Primary, secondary and Tertiary action.
Key Refinement: Visual Hierarchy
Not all elements are equal - Emphasize by de-emphasizing. Understanding Visual Hierarchy plays important part in every platform even if it a hardware badge.
Conclusion & Key learnings
Users understood that the pairing must be done before the check-in process and the process is straightforward and easy.
Overall, participants felt the directions for setting up the badge were fairly easy to follow. They expressed hope that by using this badge they might be able to save time and avoid the challenges they currently face.

We are moving forward with the Pilot launch of the product at the end of Q2.
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